When You Have A Wreck

24 hour towing serviceAbout 30 percent of all drivers in the United States have been involved in an automobile accident over the past five years, so there is a very good chance you will need the services of Cushman Paint and Body Shop in Augusta, Evans, Martinez, Thomson or Waynesboro.

For many of those drivers, their vehicle is the largest investment they will ever make, and for most the second largest, so if you do have a wreck, it is important to understand the process and take an active role in getting your vehicle fixed.

The First Steps To Take

Call the police. If you’re injured, seek immediate assistance. Even if there doesn’t appear to be any damage to your vehicle, ask for a police report. This will verify that you and other parties were involved in a collision. This simple step can protect you against future claims against your insurance and help your claim in case hidden damage to your vehicle is discovered later.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the collision – check your policy, as some policies require notice within 24 hours. Your insurance company is there to help you deal with the other parties involved in the collision.

After taking care of personal injuries, the next thing to take care of is the injuries to your vehicle. Contact Cushman Paint and Body Shop to get an accurate estimate of the damages to your vehicle. Take an active role in the collision repair process!  You want to know how much damage was done, how much repairs are going to cost, how long you’ll be without your vehicle, and most importantly - if your vehicle will look and drive the same after it has been repaired.

The Estimate

The accuracy of the analysis of damage to your vehicle can affect the quality of your repair. That’s why it is important that your vehicle is inspected by Cushman's Gold Class Professionals. Our skilled staff can detect hidden damage to your vehicle and they are trained on the technical knowledge and skills required to achieve a complete and safe repair. After your vehicle estimate is complete, be sure to get a copy of the damage report. This becomes the “blue print” for repairing your vehicle. Ask the estimator to explain, in detail, what damage was done to your vehicle and how it will be repaired.  

The After-Repair Inspection

Before you take your newly repaired vehicle home, look it over carefully and take it for a test drive. Check all the electronic accessories, and pay attention to details such as making sure the doors, hood, and deck lid open and close smoothly. In a variety of lighting situations, examine freshly painted areas for a good color match. During the test drive, listen for any unusual noises and test the handling. The collision repair facility should provide you with a complete breakdown of the repairs completed and what, if any, parts were replaced.

If you’re not satisfied, report it to your Cushman Paint and Body representative immediately. Your satisfaction means everything to us, and we go the extra mile to assure that your vehicle looks and drives as well as it did before the collision.  More importantly, proper repairs make your vehicle safe for you and your family to drive.