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In addition to conventional paint and body work in Augusta, Evans, Martinez, Thomson, and Waynesboro, Cushman Paint and Body offers Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal services for dents, door dings, creases and hail damage in Augusta, GA and surrounding areas.

Also known as PDR, this process is used to permanently remove dents and dings from vehicles with special tools and techniques that work the metal back to its original form without damaging the original finish. PDR is faster, simpler, and generally, less expensive than traditional body repairs.

Dents are removed without the need of fillers, sanding or re-painting. We repair dents and dings by re-tooling the damaged area to its original shape, finish and color. We use custom-designed tools to gain access behind the damaged area to gently form the metal back to its original state. PDR is especially suited for hail and other small damages.

Unlike conventional paint and body technicians, PDR craftsmen can't beat out dents and paint over their patches. They have to achieve their results with a steady hand, patience, attention to detail and keen eyesight.

Consider the advantages of Paintless Dent Removal:

  • Dents can be removed without the need to paint the panel where the dents are located. When dents can be repaired through PDR methods, the original paint is preserved, protecting the value of your vehicle. Car dealers have tools to detect whether or not a car has been painted, and even a small repair using traditional methods might lower the value of your vehicle.

  • Not all dents can be repaired by PDR; contact Cushman Paint and Body in Evans, GA for a free estimate.

  • Many dents can take less than an hour to repair and may be less costly than other types of repair.

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