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Why choose Cushman Paint and Body? We can think of about 20 good reasons.

Americans have a love affair with cars and trucks and residents of Augusta, Evans, Martinez, Thomson and Waynesboro are no exception. Even if you are not injured, wrecks are painful, because we are emotional about our vehicles. In fact, your car, truck or SUV is most likely the second most expensive possession you own and a reflection of your lifestyle. That's why we are committed to protecting your investment. 

Collision repair work is complex. Today’s vehicles are engineered with unibody construction, multiple electronic components including computers, alloys, plastics and other exotic materials and are delivered with high-tech paint finishes from the factory.

The tools and equipment required to properly repair a modern wrecked vehicle can be very expensive. The machine needed to properly weld the super alloy steel used in your domestic pick up truck or foreign sedan can cost more than $20,000. The sophisticated frame machine capable of returning your vehicle to original manufacturer

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tolerances can cost $100,000. Down-draft paint booths can cost $85,000 each.Results count!  That’s why we’ve made significant ongoing investments in modern equipment and advanced material systems, specially designed to restore today’s more complex vehicles to their original condition and value.Precision repairs start with a craftsman-like attitude. We pay close attention to the little things in everything we do.  (We make sure our facilities are clean and modern, we ensure the safety and integrity of your vehicle, and we match your vehicle’s finish.) Cushman is committed to making sure our personnel are highly trained, and that they receive ongoing training to keep up with the latest technical innovations. We have the expertise required to do the job right, the first time.Our people, equipment and facilities all demonstrate our commitment to providing you with the best possible care, service and quality. Cushman Paint and Body is the right choice.


We know that choosing a collision repair center can be stressful. How do you know who does a good job? Will you be satisfied? Will your vehicle look and drive the same as before the accident? What about hidden damage? Will they be able to match my color? Will the parts fit and align correctly? How long will my car be in the shop? Will it cost more than my insurance company allowances?

At Cushman Paint and Body, we take the guesswork out of your decision-making. We use only the best materials available, including premium BASF paint, and our skilled technicians are highly trained. They know how to get the job done with the highest quality results so you and your vehicle can get back on the road as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible, the first time. That’s why we provide a Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship. It’s that simple. We deliver customer satisfaction on the services we offer. Not every body shop is willing to make that commitment, but that’s what sets us apart from all the others.

When you drive away from Cushman Paint and Body, you're taking our reputation with you...and that is very important to us.

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